Monday, December 19, 2011

Skyrim Multiplayer Mod

If you haven't been playing Skyrim, what's wrong with you?  (Insert arrow to the knee joke here)  Anyway, there's a new mod available that turns the single-player game into an MMO, complete with a friends list and trade capabilities.  However, the mod is still in a very early development stage, and as such some major bugs exist.  The major one seems to be that fast-travel gets wrecked, even if you delete the mod.  In addition, the current version of the mod causes frequent crashes.  Nevertheless, this is definitely one to keep your eye on.  With such an active modding community, you have to expect that the bugs will get fixed over time.

Here's a video of some of the gameplay:

The modder's website is

Here's some more info via

Skyrim Online turns your single experience into an online experience, play with your friends, chat with people worldwide, trade with other players...
Currently in the alpha stage you can see other players (appearing as naked prisoners), you can also chat with everybody.
The mod also includes an Arena to fight with waves of creeps.
Offcial website :
Installation :
0) Back up your config files, this mod will rewrite them !!!
1) Unrar the file in your Skyrim root folder.
2) Create a shortcut for SkyrimOnline.exe on your desktop
Usage :
- Start SkyrimOnline.exe, it will automatically update the mod and then allow you to start the game with the mod.
- When you enter the game, you will be prompted for a username, enter whatever username you feel like using there is no authentication yet.
- To switch between UI mode and Game mode press F3.
- Numpad 7 8 9 are used for the arena, try them out.
Known bugs :
- In UI mode some keys are sill enabled such as Journal and Wait, you might want to bind these keys to keys that are not needed in the UI (I personally use £ and µ).
- Compatibility issues with some mods (no list available)
- Breaks Fast Travel !
- Leaves players there if you save the game with players around.
- Crashes on start (unknown reason, happened to a few people)
Trouble shoot :
OH NOES it broke fast travel even after uninstall it !!!!?!
- You just have to delete the saves you made while playing Skyrim Online and it will work again !
Uninstalling :
- Delete SkyrimOnline.asi, SkyrimOnlineProxy.dll, enbpatch.ini, d3d9.dll

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