Thursday, August 16, 2012

Breaking Bad Episode 'Dead Freight' Alternate Ending (Spoilers)

The Great Train Robbery.  A classic theme in film.  And wonderfully executed here by the Breaking Bad crew.  The show stays at the top of its game, delivering a tense hour of television in 'Dead Freight'.  And no show can deliver a gut-punch quite as effectively as Breaking Bad did at the end of their most recent episode.

Poor little Timmy Tarantula...

It's always nice to see "Friday Night Lights" alumni getting roles (Battleship and John Carter aside), and Jesse Plemons definitely makes his mark here as Todd.  Is his character as cold-hearted as Mike or even Gus?  Or is he just naively trying to show his worth to the crew?  Time will tell.

But did you know an alternate ending to this ep exists?  One where it ends on not such a sour note?  Well too bad, here it is anyway.

Prettayyy, Prettaay, Pretty, Pretty Good.

I found this to be hilarious.  I hope you do too.  But then again, you could plug the Curb music into just about any video and make me laugh.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

What do Patrick Stewart, Simon Pegg, Arya Stark and Ryan Lochte Have in Common?

Why, this funny video of course.  From Funny or Die.

Sir Patrick Stewart plays a scurvy, Victorian ticket scalper at the Olympics.  Maisie Williams (Arya Stark from Game of Throne) plays his young accomplice.  Simon Pegg plays... Simon Pegg.  And Ryan Lochte is there as well with his USA-bling-teeth and own-name-imprinted-on-sole shoes, to remind us all why he became a swimmer instead of an actor.

But hey, Paul Wall grill aside, I can't bash Lochte too hard.  It seemed like he was a good sport and played along through the whole thing.  Maybe not the funniest video out there, but it's always nice to see Sir Patrick flash his acting chops.  

It's also like a super nerd-triumverate with Picard (Star Trek), Arya Stark (GoT), and Scotty (Star Trek again)

And it looks like Maisie grew about a foot since the last season of Game of Thrones aired.  Those Lannister troops better watch out!

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Mars Curiosity Watch

Excited for the Curiosity landing?

Use this simulation to check it's progress:

"Eyes on the Solar System" is a 3-D environment full of real NASA mission data. Explore the cosmos from your computer. Hop on an asteroid. Fly with NASA's Voyager spacecraft. See the entire solar system moving in real time. It's up to you. You control space and time.

Also, keep tabs with NASA tv:

Estimated touch-down time is 1:31 am EST

Ragu Olympics Commercial - Kid's Worst Nightmare (Video)

So this commercial just debuted during the Olympics here in the States (NBC's commercial-laden coverage).  It's definitely funny, but at the moment I'm having trouble deciding if it's more funny or disturbing.


Nothing makes me want Ragu more than walking in on my parents.

Memorable, but I have no idea how it relates to Ragu.  Is a thick, red liquid going to get my mind off of seeing my parents so indelicately indisposed?

"Daddy, stop stabbing Mommy!  She's screaming, you're killing her!"

Operative lessons here:

1.  Always knock
2.  Ragu heals all emotional scars

The Problem with PC Gaming in the Summer

Doesn't help when the average temperature has been 95+ degrees.

And it's even more of a problem trying to run games on a Macbook.

I'm probably sterile now.