Monday, March 26, 2012

Doctor Who Season 7 Trailer Released

Last week, news broke that a new companion has been cast for Doctor Who.  So that means at some point in the upcoming series, we'll have to say goodbye to lovely Amy Pond and the constantly-dying Rory Williams. :( But I am excited for the new companion, Jenna Louise Coleman... who can only be described as "hot".

Anyway, in addition to that news, the BBC released a trailer for the next season/series today.  Looks like it brought back the western theme a bit from last season (Stetsons are cool).  Except this time it's actual cowboys in the actual old west.  Fun idea, the episode looks cool.  There's also a few snippets from a winter/arctic setting, maybe from a different episode.  

Also, (for better or worse) Daleks!

Either way it's nice to get a sneak peek of the new season so early into production.  Enjoy.

This reminds me I still need to watch the Christmas special... and buy a Fez


  1. Oooh I'm glad the Daleks are back myself actually. I remember how much everyone kicked off when Moffat said he was retiring them. I don't want to say goodbye to Amy though :( Or Rory :(

  2. Yes she certainly can be described as Hot, another show I never watched.

    1. How can you not know "Doctor Who"? To be honest, I'm a late bloomer and only got to watch the show When David Tennant was still the Doctor. The show is very compelling and is VERY family friendly.

      I do like the spinoff series "Torchwood" though.

  3. I feel as if Bravo and the CW have turned my brain to soup. Apparently I'm missing out on all the good shows! lol

  4. Never really get to watch television shows...but she is yummy!

  5. As awesome as the trailer may be, I'm still bummed out about losing Amy Pond.

  6. Ok, I am probably commiting a blasphemy here... but I have never watched it either. (don't bite!)

  7. My girlfriend liked this show, but apparently only one season for some reason, lol.

  8. Doctor Who in the west? Crazy! It is the apocolypse!

  9. I don't know if I can get excited for Doctor Who anymore. Most of the last season was a let down for me, especially the finale. Think it's time to give Moffat the boot.