Sunday, July 22, 2012

Portal 2 Marriage Proposal

Gary Hudston wanted to propose to his girlfriend in a special way.  And the obvious choice was to contract a high-level designer to make him a custom Portal 2 level, where GLaDOS pops the question.  Developer's website

Once Valve heard about the project, they authorized GLaDOS voice actor, Ellen McLain, to produce the custom audio track for the level.

The result is pretty awesome.

It amazes me that people still question what the best game development company is.

... And for no other reason than I love this song, here's the video for 'Still Alive' from the end of Portal 1.

Well, I'm off to replay the Portal games... again.


  1. Dammit, that was romantic even to my levels. I feel all warm and.. UGH, is that a FEELING inside of me?!

  2. Still Alive is an epic song. I love Valve, they really do seem to care an awful lot for their fans. The guy who did this is pretty damn cool too. I want to shake his hand.

  3. Kinda late to the party on this one, eh?