Thursday, May 17, 2012

Short Film "Spoiler": A Post-Zombie Apocalypse Cop Drama

Came across a short film this week, Spoiler.  I usually stay away from the indie-sci-fi shorts, but this one had a decent pedigree.  The director is Daniel Thron, who has done FX work for movies like The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and The A-Team among others.

The short itself is set in a world, post-zombie apocalypse, where the main outbreak has been isolated and civilization is back in order.  But there are still occasional small outbreaks.  The short follows a coroner (the job has changed drastically since the outbreak) to an infection where he must determine the strain and virility of the infection.  And it's ultimately up to him to pronounce the victims dead... or help them get there.

Honestly, I've seen feature-length films that were a lot less engrossing than this short.  Maybe the production team will get funding for a full-length film someday.  It's a cool premise.

Definitely worth a 20 min watch.  It's not a zombie horror gore-fest; just a tense, drama-filled story set around an isolated zombie infection.  



  1. Some shorts really are amazing, it's more a matter of who's involved than budget. They should start a kickstarter or something if they want to do a full movie. If they can't find Hollywood funding or anything that is.

  2. yep, and I prefer drama to gorefest, so this was nice.

  3. Hey look another zombie movie.....

  4. This was really engaging and a great find...they should make this into a series.

  5. I love zombie related shows and movies, this one is great!