Monday, November 25, 2013

Top Hot LEGO Sets for Christmas 2013 Season

LEGOs are perhaps more popular than ever.  So it's no surprise to see LEGO on every 2013 Christmas hot toy list.  The only real question here is which sets are going to be hard to find this season.  Well, I'm here to help and give you an idea of what's hot in the world of LEGO as we enter into Black Friday and the final stretch to Xmas.

1.  Minecraft Micro World - The Village - 21105

Maybe the most obvious licensed LEGO property of all-time.  The Minecraft video game is essentially a LEGO video game, so it only makes sense that it crosses over to the real thing.  This is the second Minecraft set released, and features a pig, zombie, and villager buildable minifigs.  The set clocks in at 466 pieces and a retail price of $34.99.  Not bad for a mid-range priced model, you might be thinking.  However, the nature of the Minecraft sets is lots of little pieces and tiles, so the actual size of the completed set is smaller than you might imagine from the piece count.  But with the popularity of the game, this set has been among the top sellers since its release and remains a hot set for Christmas.  Two other Minecraft sets are out, 21102 and 21106 (21102 features the best-known characters Steve and a Creeper), but this seems to be the hottest one right now.  That said, any one of these will please a Minecraft fan.

2. The DeLorean Time Machine - 21103

Never sleep on the popularity of Back to the Future.  This one appeals to kids and adult fans of the movies alike.  Selected by LEGO Cuusoo for a custom release, this has proven to be a hot seller this season.  This set clocks in at 401 pieces and a $34.99 retail, and works equally well as a toy in the playroom, or a display piece on a shelf.  It also comes with Marty McFly and Doc Brown minifigs.  

3.  Legends of Chima - The Lion CHI Temple - 70010

The first big set on the list.  Chima has been a popular line for LEGO, with a tv series on Cartoon Network to promote the sets.  The Lion CHI Temple clocks in at 1258 pieces and a $119.99 retail price.  It also includes a whopping 7 minifigs and is over 1 foot high!  This set serves as the main base for the Lion tribe and features a tower cannon and lion claw bike and eagle drone fighter vehicles.  The Chima sets really benefit from detailed mini figure characters and lots of character accessories.  This particular set is no different and serves as a full playset form which to base adventures!  Just be warned, this one is a complicated build and might require help from a parent.

4.  Castle King's Castle - 70404

Another big set, and this one's a bit of a throwback.  Not a licensed property, just a good old fashioned medieval LEGO set.  A good choice for a child who loves LEGO, but may not be a fan of Chima or Ninjago.  This set comes in at 996 pieces with a $99.99 retail.  Comes with 7 minifigs as well as a catapult and battering ram.  Comes in at just about a foot high, so slightly smaller than the Chima Temple and $20 cheaper.  The construction is more straight-forward than some of the licensed sets, and maybe more versatile as a general medieval setting for LEGO adventure.  A great purchase idea especially if mom and dad are big Game of Thrones fans!

5.  Friends Dolphin Cruiser - 41015

A set that's become increasingly hard to find, despite being released within the last few months.  Designed to appeal to children who may not be interested in catapults, missiles, and space monsters, the Dolphin Cruiser is a luxury yacht complete with jet ski and even some friendly dolphins.  Playsets are nice for big xmas gifts, but LEGO really shines when given the opportunity to design vehicles.  This set is no exception and measures 14 inches long.  The top of the yacht lifts off to expose living areas and it even has a water slide!  The set comes in at 612 pieces and a $69.99 retail, although as often happens around this time of the year, there are reports of resellers snapping this set up and selling online for as much as $95. (check out this Amazon page LEGO Friends Dolphin Cruiser)  So if this one is on your list, don't hesitate to buy early.


And as always, the current series 11 Minifigures blind pouches always make great stocking stuffers and offer unique characters.

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