Thursday, January 26, 2012

Eurotrip: Robot Fight Gif

This movie has been playing on tv recently, which is nice because despite the fact that the movie isn't great, there are some funny scenes which hold up over time.  One of my favorites which became very popular on the interwebs, is the robot fight scene.  You've all seen this gif:

Another scene is the one with the creepy Italian guy on the train, played by Fred Armisen.  Every time the train would pass through a dark tunnel, Armisen would have his pants off, or be licking one of the male leads... you get the idea.  In 2004, when the movie came out, I'm pretty sure no one knew who he was.  Now with his long tenure on SNL and the show 'Portlandia' doing well, he's a recognizable figure.  And he still looks the same.  Mi scusi:

Then we have the German safe word given to one of the teens as he gets trapped in a German BDSM club.

But maybe my favorite is a little lower key.  The kids think they are going to die, so they start offering up deathbed confessions.  Leading to this: (could only find an audio clip)

Which is funny to me in particular because I had totally forgotten that line was from Eurotrip.  The line "the girls never came" ended up slipping into me and my buddies' lexicon for years.  It eventually just became "the _____ never came", used in almost any scenario.  

Again, pretty dumb joke, but kind of funny.  The main thing is that this movie came out right between high school and college for me and my friends.  I think any pop culture item from that time period really gets burned into your brain.

What movies do you and your friends quote incessantly? 


  1. this movie is a classic, its epicly funny!

  2. The scene with Fred Armisen is a true classic, love that guy!

  3. Mscuziii ahahah loved that scene..

  4. LoL! Love that movie! Not exactly how it's going for me though! haha

  5. Great movie lol. I own two copies

  6. haha that first gif made me laugh pretty hard nice blog followed!

  7. Replies
    1. definitely a good one for quotes. especially if you end up visiting Vegas

  8. I love to quote the matrix.

    "you think that's air your breathing?"