Monday, January 23, 2012

Lowe's Commercial Song: April Smith "Colors"

(EDIT - April 2nd: Looking for the newer commercials?  Check out this post)

So we finished the move for my uncle's dental practice.  Ended up getting all of the functional pieces moved and installed from the old location to the new in 3 days.  It was crazy, workmen were still going hooking things up into Sunday night so my uncle could open on Monday.  We really probably could have used an extra day or two, but we got everything done.  I just can't move my arms today, no big deal.

I've sort of been lounging around all day trying to recover.  Been doing some studying, reading, had the tv on in the background the whole time.  There is this one Lowe's commercial that keeps playing with the catchiest song.  (For anyone who may be unfamiliar, Lowe's is a home improvement store very similar to Home Depot)  It's really wormed its way into my brain, and won't get out.  The song is "Colors" by April Smith and the  Great Picture Show.

Check out the commercial here:

This is one of those scenarios where I'll probably end up buying this song, but won't be sure if I like it because it's good, or because I hear it all the time.  The classic case for that being any song used in an ipod commercial.

Oh well... I also found this acoustic version of the song, which still sounds really nice.

Now share in my pain of having this song stuck in your head.
::maniacal laugh::


  1. haha thanks for the song in my head, oh the dread. Damn Lowe's!

  2. now that song is stuck in my head, its like the ones that play at my work :o

  3. I normally like lowes but I couldn't handle 3 sec of this song, so I won't have it stuck thankfully

  4. I agree with Bio on this...
    but still nice one...
    you have a new follower do follow back :)

  5. Agreed its a nice song, but when they got to the "register your home with lowes" in the commercial I was like "??? Say what?" Seriously register your home with lowes? Huh?

  6. I out wit you and don't listen to the songs!

  7. It's kinda stuck yeah hehe . . . Thanks :)

  8. catchy little song. I can't hate it.