Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Return of the Jedi: How it Should Have Ended

All of the recent dvd/blue-ray releases of the Star Wars movies have have some annoying George Lucas changes.  The one that really irks me is the final scene of the original trilogy.  It's an iconic image in the series, the fallen jedi appear to Luke as ghosts/spirits/etc, approving of him and congratulating him on his victory.

They appear to Luke as they knew him.  Good, that makes sense.  

The Lucas change to Jedi, as it appears in the re-releases:

Wonderful.  I can just picture Lucas seeing this as a masterstroke to tie in all of the movies.

But let's think about this from Luke's perspective:
Luke: "Oh, hey.  I'm so glad my two teachers old Yoda and old Obi-Wan showed up.  It shows that they are always watching over me.  But wait... who's that random young guy?  I don't recognize him.  Is that like an alternate version of me as a Jedi knight or something?  Oh well, wish dad could have been here."
Never made sense to me story-wise.

This cartoon from the folks at How It Should Have Ended did a nice job illustrating this point, while making some other funny changes.

That "You killed all of us as children" line gets me every time.


  1. Changing a movie like that, once it's done is stupid. Lucas is a moron who's just cashing in on Star Wars over and over again. LOL never seen that video before.

  2. Hhaah yeah i couldnt understand the idea of change too

  3. Wtf @ George Lucas. :/ He needs to give it a rest. Hilarious video though!

  4. That change is probably the worst one. It really pisses me off and if Anakin changed then why didn't Obi-wan? Hilarious video, love the "it's not a trap" line

  5. oh i hate when they do that stuff to movies it ruins it >.<
    its not a re-release then they're just changing it

    1. you're right. The 1997 special editions of the original trilogy were considered re-releases, but subsequent dvd and blu-ray releases with additional changes aren't considered re-releases

  6. Facepalm

    Ill stick to my classics thank you

  7. Yea I can't understand that change either, it's a really strange decision.

  8. Re-releases... Argh! What the heck are they doing!! Stupid re-releases. They had an episode of south park about this if I'm not wrong.

  9. I think that change is dumb cause the actor who played that part gets ripped off!

    But in the context of the movie its the same. The guy is vader pre vader. and with the new actor and movies is what vader looked like.

  10. lol. YES. I love the HISHE series. always hilarious.

  11. I'm a bit embarrassed to say this but I've never watched any of the Star Wars movies before.

  12. More attempts to wring money out of a 40 year old francise