Sunday, October 10, 2010

Back in Town

Just got back into town.  Thanks for all the well wishes in the last post's comments.  The funeral service was really nice, more of a celebration of a life well-lived than a sad affair, and there was a nice reception afterward where I was able to see my friend and talk to him.  He was actually in really good shape considering.  I guess his dad had been sick for a few weeks, so he was able to prepare and come to terms with it a bit.  It's tough, my friend is 24 and his dad was 76.  He grew up in war-torn Italy in the 40's then came here by himself and had a long career and a family.  A true self-made man.  Kind of crazy to think about.  Sorry, a bit of a ramble.  I'll be back to regular posting tomorrow


  1. Hope your friend feels better

  2. Great to hear! Its all good man, if its not, make it =P

  3. Good to hear your friend is holding up alright, but sorry to hear about his dad.