Friday, October 15, 2010

Friday Night Beer: Anchor Steam

New tradition, every Friday Night I will highlight a favorite beer of mine.  Tonight it is Anchor Steam Original.  Now, Anchor Steam Brewery may have been in San Francisco since 1896, but its revival in the '70's behind Fritz Maytag was actually one of the early successes that gave strengh to the craft beer movement.  It, along with Sierra Nevada were among the earliest craft "microbrews" that gained popularity around the country.  As such, Anchor Steam retains an esteemed position among breweries today.

The beer itself is very malty with a slightly fruity aftertaste.  It is golden amber in color with a thick head and dense bubbles.  It has a distinct hoppiness, but is not overpowering.  Easy to drink and doesn't sit heavy for a somewhat darker beer.  A great overall beer for almost any occasion.

Honestly, Anchor Steam is one of my favorite beers.  They had it on tap at my college pub, and whenever I could afford it, that's where my money went.  It's just a great all-around beer.  Easy to drink, I could put away quite a few of these before I switched to the cheap stuff.  The bottle itself is oddly shaped.  I'm not sure if any other beer has the same shaped bottle.  So it is unique in many aspects, its excellent taste notwithstanding. 

I'll have more next week, but this one, a favorite of the Chem department, seemed a good place to start.  And please excuse any typos, it is Friday night, and I have been drinking.


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