Sunday, April 1, 2012

Toonami on Adult Swim

[EDIT May 16:  Check this post.  Adult Swim just announced Toonami is coming back full-time on May 26th!]

Happened to be flipping channels late last night and caught Cartoon Network's Adult Swim calling itself Toonami.

Toonami.  That legendary programming block of cartoons and anime from childhood.

I sort of hope this is a permanent thing for Saturday nights and not just an April Fool's joke.

Tom was even back

Here was the full lineup:
12 am: Bleach
12:30 am: Dragon Ball Z
1 am: Gundam Wing
1:30 am: Tenchi Muyo!
2am: Outlaw Star
2:30 am: Big O
3am: Yu Yu Hakusho
3:30am:Blue Submarine No. 6  
4am: Trigun
4:30am: Astro Boy
5am: Gigantor

It was like a nostalgia grenade went off in my brain



  1. Lots of those I haven't seen in ages, Dragonball Z I see every once in a while though, as I've always liked that one the best.

  2. If only this were possible here down under. :(

  3. I was loving this. All they needed was Samurai Champloo to make my night complete.

  4. As far as I know, it was an April Fool's joke, and there are people crying. If I got Adult Swim, I would join them.

  5. yep that would of really annoyed me

  6. I remember Toonami, it was awesome. I bet this is an Aprils Fools Joke.

  7. Ugh, I miss Big O too! Good times... Good times!

    1. Big O was my favorite by far, well the first season anyway

    2. well, cowboy bebop was a close second. I still listen to that soundtrack

  8. This made me nostalgia so hard...
    Why can't they bring this back for good ;_;

  9. I think that Toonami's theme is one of the reasons I like idm music now.