Sunday, February 5, 2012

Super Bowl Sunday Predictions

New York 31  New England 20
(Eli Manning file photo)

1.  I don't see New England being able to effectively cover both Hakeem Nicks and Victor Cruz.
2.  New England won't be able to deal with New York's pass rush for 4 quarters of football.
3.  If Rob Gronkowski's ankle isn't 100%, New York can key on Wes Welker.  Then they just need to worry about the next matchup problem: Aaron Hernandez.

Vince Wilfork: He basically won the Baltimore game for New England.

Other Predictions:
- Madonna's halftime performance will be the best in years.
- Madonna's arms will still freak everyone out.
(Willem Dafoe in drag)

- At least 5 shots of Peyton Manning in the stands.
- The Ferris Bueller commercial will be a let down, reminding us all of Matthew Broderick's career from 1990 onward.
(Although I did just learn he voiced adult Simba in The Lion King)

- Michael Strahan will be shown in a luxury box when the Giants are up.
- Tiki Barber will be shown working the concession stand.  Proving once and for all that if you cheat on and subsequently divorce your 8-month pregnant with twins wife for a 22-year-old blonde (Really? Yea really), the public will turn on you and you'll lose your broadcasting career.
(Deal with it)

- At least 3 ex-Patriots players will be hanging out with Bob Kraft in his owners box, with one of them definitely being Tedy Bruschi.
- At least 35 plugs for NBC's new hit 'Smash' with at least 1 truly-afwul tie-in.  Like maybe Katherine McPhee is going to sing at some point.  And yes, NBC gave the runner-up from American Idol that one year a show (but 'Community' is on hiatus).
(Where is Justin Guarini's show?  For that matter, is Ruben Studdard still alive?)

- Puppy Bowl VIII will draw over 10 million viewers. (This actually isn't a joke.  Did you realize 9.2 million people watched over the 12 hours it aired last year?)
- Go Daddy will continue to lose business with Danica Patrick and Jillian Michaels as spokeswomen.  
(Seriously, them? Are they funny or something?)

Lock Prediction of the Day:
- I won't be going to work on Monday.  

Really, can't we just make Super Bowl Monday a national holiday already?


  1. LOL yeah his career has been crappy from Godzilla onward, we shall see if you are right. If not the cat will be sure to poke fun..haha

  2. Sounds like it might turn out to be a great game! :)

  3. It would be nice if the day after was a holiday.

  4. I'm looking forward to this! Can't wait!

  5. LOL its like the 3 days between xmas and new year should be hols.

  6. I'm going to take your word on all of this and pass it on as if I'd seen the superbowl tomorrow. It'll be good times.

  7. Go Patriots! They're winning. :P

    1. Didn't really care for either team but since Wes Welker is a brother of my Fraternity of Phi Delt I kinda ended up rooting for them.

  8. That guy's head is shiny. :p

  9. damn Madonna's arms made me barf in my mouth a little bit! Blaaaaaaaaaah

  10. I didn't even watch any of it. Too busy studying.

  11. Hernandez is my man!!!! Gronk is a brick wall, but Hernandez is a beast! lol

    I teared up last night. My poor boys got creamed on technicalities (safety, Welker's drop, not taking advantage of fumbles). I like the Giants too (I'm from NY), but my Pats have always been my team! I was sad to see them lose.