Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Wisdom Teeth Removal: What's in my Mouth?

I was talking with an old family friend who's about 40.  He's going to the oral surgeon for a consult this week to finally have his wisdom teeth removed.  All four are impacted, and they have bothered him for a long time.  I don't know why he's waited this long.  The procedure is going to be awful for him.

To give him an idea of how loopy he's going to be after his surgery, I started showing him wisdom teeth videos.  I probably watched this video about 20 times yesterday.  I find it just as funny each time I watch it.  The debilitating effects of general anesthesia.  Clearly for some, it's like pressing ctrl-alt-delete for your brain.

The look on the girl's face when the mom asks, "Are you ready to go in the house?", is pure gold.

I remember when I had mine out, my cousin's boyfriend was there at the same time.  We were in rooms across the hall from one another, and kept cracking jokes right up until they put us under.  Then I drank milkshakes and ate Spaghettios for a week.

Pretty sure I was nothing like the girl in the video, but thankfully my parents didn't videotape me... so we'll never know.



  1. I got one of my wisdom teeth taken out but I got local anesthesia. No need to get all loopy just to have someone violently rip your tooth out!

  2. Yeah I'm pretty sure I was nothing like her too, at least that's my story, as I have no proof of it one way or the other..haha

  3. Ugh, this doesn't make me look forward to my wisdom teeth surgery at all :|

  4. I've not had any teeth pulled out but I'd be tempted to do it for the drugs.

  5. this garbage seems totally fake
    honestly, I was very normal afterward other than a very numb face, and maybe a little friendlier...
    anyway I was drinking shakes and protein boosters for about 2 weeks before I could do anything solid
    even then I knew I was bleeding from how much iron I was tasting

    1. Maybe girls don't have as much will power as to us guys lol

  6. LOL I hate guaze and the feeling against my teeth.

    That video is pretty stinking funny! hahaha

    I've had to get mine removed for about 2 years now. I'm too chicken to go. Sigh...

  7. David after Dentist is still the best!

  8. This was amazing, I had no idea. I'm not gonna need mine taken out.. ever.. so.. YAY!

  9. Is this real life? I still refuse to get mine taken out.

  10. Thank god I've never had to go through this

  11. woah that's insane, had two of my wisdom teeth removed at different occasions and were nowhere near that dizzy.

  12. whats in my...whats in my....haha.

    damn, I never had my wisdom teeth pulled out. They grew in and didn't cause me much pain or jack up my teeth. Hope I can just wait it out (you know, til I die or soemthing) and dont have to go through this.

  13. Hahaha! "What's in my mouth?"

    So priceless.

  14. wow, this video is pretty popular